(EDU) Explorer Virtual Program Request 22-23

Friday June 30

11:00 AM  –  2:00 PM

Explorer Program - Virtual Field Trips

Cost for a virtual trip is a flat fee of $100.00 per class size of 30 students. Put the total number of classes participating in the quantity section. The maximum is 3 classes per time slot. Payment is due prior to the time of the program via credit card online or a mailed check. A receipt will be given to you at the time of payment. Final payments are due the day of your scheduled field trip.

All virtual field trips at Fairchild are 45 minutes long and are offered on the hour from 9 am to 3 pm. Please let us know if you need an alternative start time. If you'd like to register for more than one time slot, please fill out one form for each field trip. **Please note that programs run on Eastern Standard Time.

You will see that June 30th is the date on our payment site. This is not the date of your program, just a database setting. Your program dates will be confirmed for the days you select when filling out this request form. Click here to view our available dates. Contact education@fairchildgarden.org with any questions.